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Jubilee Cup

The Jubilee Cup is a competition for local bowling clubs. It was started by Beckenham Bowling Club to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee in 1960. Sadly Beckenham Bowling club have never won this trophy.


Past winners include Bethlem, Cyphers,  Muirhead (incorporated into Langley Park), Orpington Excelsior,  Queensmead, and Twinlock (incorporated into Hayes) not to mention several other clubs now closed. In recent years the cup was won in 2000 by West Beckenham, 2001 West Wickham,

2002 Bromley Town, 2003 West Wickham, 2004 Bromley Common. 2005 Bromley BC,

2006 Bromley BC, 2007 Bromley BC, 2008 Royal Bank of Scotland, 2009 Royal Bank of Scotland,

2010 Saw a close fought contest resolved by a single shot at most ends in the 2nd half of the match. At the 17th end Bromley moved the jack with their last wood and RBS scored two bringing the scores level after 18 all after 18 ends. An exciting match finished 21 - 20 in favour of Bromley BC.

Mervyn D

The 2011 Jubilee cup final was played between West Beckenham lead by skip Brian Howard and Bromley Common lead by skip Dave Bright,  Bromley fielding a mixed rink including two ladies. At 12 ends the score was 11 to West Beck and 5 to Bromley, (who had scored 4 shots on the 8th end). At the 14th end Bromley scored 3 shots but on the 15th West Beck scored 3 shots of their own bringing the scores to15-8. After which the scores went mostly by ones to a winning margin for West Beckenham by 18-11.
Mervyn D

2012 gave us a very close and exciting Jubilee Cup final between Bromley led by skip Kevin Fullard and Bromley Common fielding a mixed rin with two ladies led by skip Dave Bright.  After 5 ends the score was  6 -1 to Bromley.  At the 6th end Bromley Common were holding 2 and their skip added a 3rd, 6-4 to Bromley but BC added 2 more at the 7th to level at 6 all. Bromley added 5 in the next 2 ends, 11-6 to Bromley. BC won the next 3 ends to level again at 11-11 after 12 ends. Then Bromley scored 1 on the next end and BC scored 7 over the following 3 ends 12-18 to BC at 16 ends. The 17th end brought 4 for Bromley with the mat moved up the green 16 -18 to BC. The next 4 ends concluded with a single shot and the score at 19 -19 after 21 ends. Having won the last end to level the scores BC held the jack and when the skips came up to bowl BC had the advantage by 1 shot which they managed to retain for victory at the finish. 19 -20 after 22 ends of wonderful bowling.
Mervyn D


2013 The Jubilee Cup final was contested by Bromley Common and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The RBS made an excellent start and after 4 ends Bromley Common were yet to score. Through the middle section of the game Bromley Common made good progress and were nearly on level terms when RBS returned to form and ran away to win 20-13.

Mervyn D. 


2014  The final this year was between Bromley Bowling Club and the Royal Bank of Scotland. After 2 ends RBS were 2-0 up but a sharp shower arrived delaying the proceedings for 15 minutes Bromley made 2 on the next end. RBS struggled with the length after the shower and on the 4th end were 4 down until their No.3 carried the jack back to turn 4 down to 2 up. The Bromley skip got one shot back.  Over the next few ends Bromley consistently scored 1 giving them a modest lead until RBS scored 5 at 12 ends and another 1 at 13 ends to bring the scores level 10-10. It remained a very close game until Bromley got 4 at 19 ends and 5 at the 20th end.  Bromley ran out the winners 22-17. An interesting game to watch with good bowling from both sides.

Mervyn D.


2015 There were two teams of ladies entered this year after the format was changed to the more popular Triples, to improve the number of entrants.  Thank you, West Beckenham and RBS ladies. We look forward to seeing more ladies next year in mixed teams or ladies teams. 


Royal Bank of Scotland Bowling Club (men) and West Beckenham Bowling Club (men) contested the Jubilee Cup final this year. The first 2 ends yielded 1shot each by the 6th end Bromley were ahead 7-1. at the 9th they were ahead 10-4 at the 13th Bromley were still ahead 11-7. But with 2 at the 14th end, 2 at the 15th and 1 at the 16th West Beckenham were ahead 11-12. Having got ahead at last I am sorry to say that they failed to score in the last two ends and RBS ran out the winners by 13 shots to 12.  In a close game that was very enjoyable to watch.

Mervyn D